Wine with the soul of the Forest

Once upon a time, somewhere in the highlands of the Ribera del Duero, one of the best regions in the world for producing quality wine…

In 1960, the owners of a forest estate known simply as El Bosque (the Forest) decided to give its deepest part over to cereal.

What happened next is history…

The origin of the name

To make room for the cereal, the old owners moved millions of kilos of timber from that ill-fated forest. The neighboring residents came with their mules and donkeys to help clear the huge amount of timber.

The excessive strain killed many donkeys but gave life and a name to our forest: El Bosque de Matasnos (the Forest of dead donkeys).

A place with soul

An enigmatic place, extraordinary, mesmerizing and beautiful. A place unlike any other, but without a soul. Or with many souls? Today, we invite you to listen to our Forest, which is called Matasnos. Today, we invite you to get to know Bosque de Matasnos and its wines.